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Tax Sale Law

We provide legal services to parties involved in all facets of the Missouri tax sale process. We assist tax lien purchasers in navigating the minefield of statutory requirements necessary to acquire marketable title in and to the properties purchased. We advise County Collectors in the administration of the tax sale process. We represent parties whose property was taken through the tax sale process. And, we represent parties entitled to the tax sale surplus.

Tax Sale Purchasing Assistance

We assist tax sale purchasers in gaining title in and to the property purchased by:

  1. Obtaining a title search/commitment report to determine the parties who are entitled to receive statutory notice;
  2. Preparing due process notice in the correct form for the involved parties;
  3. Serving proper notice;
  4. Filing the appropriate affidavits with the County;
  5. Filing an appropriate quiet title lawsuit so that the title of your property is insurable/marketable; and
  6. Assisting in the property sale transaction.
County Collector Assistance

We assist County Collectors in the administration of the County tax sale program by:

  1. Creating, reviewing and/or revising the County tax sale program’s public notices, procedural forms and program materials;
  2. Defending County Collectors in tax sale related lawsuits;
  3. Proposing legislative revisions;
  4. Providing general advice and counsel in tax sale related matters;
  5. Reviewing surplus claims; and
  6. Prosecuting or defending surplus related claims.
Tax Sale Foreclosure Assistance

We assist parties whose property is taken through the tax sale process by:

  1. Investigating whether the property owner or lienholder was notified of the pendency of the tax sale action and afforded an opportunity to present his/her objections to the same;
  2. Investigating whether the notification received by the property owner or lienholder included certain mandatory language; and, if appropriate,
  3. Challenging the tax sale proceedings and/or the due diligence executed or neglected.
Tax Sale Surplus Assistance

We assist parties entitled to the tax sale surplus by:

  1. Preparing and filing surplus claims; and
  2. Prosecuting or defending surplus interpleader actions.
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